Sunday, July 15, 2012

Summer so Far

 Ari called home from work the other day. It seemed that someone interfered with nature and took a baby bird away from its nest.
Translate that into... Ari has to bring the bird home and hand raise it until it's able to be released back into the wild.

 We came home and found this in her closet.

 Clearly Ari knew her little sister would locate such bird and try to check it out.
This cage was hiding in her closet.
We are no longer the "go to" people for bird care. The bird died because I thought we were supposed to feed it every time it squeaked. It squeaked all day long.
It died from over eating. oops.

 Shelley and the kids came for a visit. 

people who live at the beach have tar on their feet. Gross. I gave Shelley some nail polish remover to get that nasty stuff off.

 Enjoyed some much needed rain.

 And some much needed time at the pool.

 Shelley and I took the kids to the beach for a few days.

 I got to sit on my butt and enjoy the beach.
 Bought the kids a sun hut. they loved it.
 Took Shelleys picture
Shopped for tennis skirts.

 Goofed off
made the best of a nasty outer ear infection.

 Went out to eat.
Goofed off some more.

 Shelley and the kids went home.
Fourth of July rolled around and we hosted our second annual fireworks party.
 The neighbors rolled up in their golf carts piled high with fireworks. behind the smoke in this picture this guy had an enormous pile of fireworks bungee corded to the top of his golf cart. 
Yea that's how we roll in the deep South.
the crowd is gathering

Ari and her friends joined the fun.

My husband is the best pyrotechnic guy.

the aftermath. it looked like a war zone the next morning.

A small portion of the trash from fireworks.

Still playing tennis. Shelley got to play with me when she was here. 

More to come later.

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Ted and a couple of other Dads took the kids and went on a shopping trip to get fire works today.

When they returned, Indy came bee-bopping in the door and said " Mom, Daddy gave me $10 to spend on fire works!!"

Me: "Oh, you mean he gave you $10 to purchase explosives??"

Indy: " Uhh Huh!!"