Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

Today is Halloween but yesterday we got the ball rolling with a good old fashioned church Fall/Halloween festival complete with "Trunk or Treating"

Erin volunteered herself to give out candy from her truck. She came up with an awesome plan.
She able to contain our little punks for a total of 10 minutes. When they started whining, we set them free.

Alex is getting a ton of use out of his Camo suit. He uses it as camouflage when he's playing hide and seek. Some other people would use it for hunting.  We haven't joined that team yet.

Erin tried to get a picture of Ben. This is NOT his best side.

Trunk divided- House divided. It's all the same. Welcome to Alabama.

Alex took full advantage of all the activities.

The Dad's just stood around and tried to look like they were having fun.

Sometimes other kids are cuter than my own. Don't judge me.

Don't judge me

Indy was supposed to be a nerd but half of her costume got left at the neighbors party the night before.

Alex... once a fisherman, always a fisherman.

He caught an Air Head. I hope he doesn't marry one.

That's Ari sitting inside the jail giving out candy.

Don't judge me

REALLY don't judge me.

The End

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Regionals 2011

Ari's volleyball team  advanced to Regionals this weekend. Some of the parents including myself "escorted" the girls a few hours away to the tournament.
This is a small glimpse into how we "roll".

Katie spills her drink the minute she gets in the car so Ari has to wipe her butt.

                                                           Sweat bands for everybody!!!

We arrived at the hotel and immediately put the girls to bed. They have very strict rules about bedtime and noise. Since they are all so perfect, they followed the coaches orders and went right to bed.

But us Moms on the other hand...

We don't have any rules so we 

Opened up our bag of tricks and got to work!!!
There was 800 feet of saran wrap, car paint, masking tape, duct tape, scotch tape, and of course a tiny bit of Tequila.

The coaches car was first on the agenda. This is what you get when you make our babies do 5000 belly dives onto a hard gym floor. Over and over and over again. They were bloodied and bruised.

It's a really good thing the coach didn't set her car alarm.

Next up was wrapping the entire car in saran wrap. We had to protect the paint of course.

we even wrapped it vertically too. We don't do ANYTHING half ass. This is how we roll.

Linda may have gotten a little bit of grease on her boobs while laying under the car. But she was happy to take one for the team.

The elevator ride back up to the hotel room was an entire ONE floor up so Linda Took a load off on her cooler in the elevator.

we had a hard time being quiet while coming off of the elevator. Good thing we didn't wake our babies.

We got started on wrapping the coaches hotel room door but it seems that we may have woken them up so when we went back for another attempt, they were sitting outside our room waiting to bust us.
We yanked them into our lair and made them hang out for a minute.

At that point I was ready to sleep. But not everyone was ready to hit the sack just yet...

They had to finish the job. 

Nice job ladies.

The girls awoke the next morning and got to see all our handy work.
They were afraid that they were gonna get blamed for  all the antics.
We told them to live a little.

Coach opens her door the next morning.

Then she had to get to her car.

It's a good thing our coaches have a really good sense of humor.

 We did play some volleyball too. That's me calling lines. Very stressful

Way to go girls!! We are headed to Sub-State next week. !!!
p.s no under age minors were harmed in the making of this adventure.
the end