Monday, January 31, 2011

Our New Addition

 Meet our new baby...

His name is Cooper.

He was found wandering the woods at the nearby State Park. He was at deaths door and literally skin and bones. He weighed 4 lbs when he was rescued. He now weighs 8 lbs. We are still trying to put a little more weight on him.  He is around 1 year old. He is the sweetest thing. So happy to be in a warm bed and have a lap to sleep in whenever he wants.

He's so ugly that he's actually cute.

We love him.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Meet My New Boyfriend

I have a new boyfriend.

Not HIM...


Isn't he cute?

I'm in love. Makes my uterus hurt.
My friend needed someone to watch him this week so I said "yes".

That big wet spot on my breast is NOT what you think. Well it is milk but not from me. I was feeding him and some milk leaked out of his bottle and onto my boob. My friend thought it was HYSTERICAL!!

I don't know whats so funny about it. Just cause my boobs are huge doesn't make me a dairy cow. 
Well I once was a dairy cow.. or maybe three times I was a dairy cow but that was a long time ago.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little Adventure in Our Own Backyard

Took a little walk through Blakeley State Park the other day.
My neighbor Christine met a new friend whom she is now sharing with the rest of us. "Bev" is a daily runner through this beautiful park and was delighted to show us some of her favorite trails.

We adults were and usually are totally outnumbered by our little punks.

The history of this tree is significant but of course I don't know it. I only know that some civil war soldiers used this root  hole as a hiding spot. 
This park is one of the last battle grounds of the civil war.

The testosterone that flows around my neighborhood is MAJOR!!!

My baby can hang with the boys... no problem

I absolutely love the Spanish moss that grows on all the trees around here.

My little punk is such a nature lover. I hope that never changes.

The boys brought a football and played some major catch with Ted. They had a blast!!

a small sampling of the little punks that live next door and around our house.
I love them.

A small sampling of my "tribe"

I can't believe this beautiful  historical park is litterally right in our backyard.
Thanks Bev for sowing us around. You ROCK!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Anna's Room Reveal

Just finished another bedroom.
This is the daughter of my good friend  Erin and also Indy's BFF.
I don't have any before pictures with the old furniture. The bed was the same but they had turquoise blue painted furniture, and some simple bedding.



The circles on the wall are Anna's Grandmother's old embroidery hoop that I filled with the fabrics and hung on the wall.

I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby and then hand painted them to match the various fabrics in the room.

The Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling are from Pier One.

Custom pillows for the bed with an old mattlasse from Erin's Mom.

The walls are a very muted lavender color.

The pillows were done by cutting out shapes from the fabrics and the appliqued onto pillow squares. 
I couldn't articulate this idea to my seamstress without stressing myself out so I did all the applique work on my trusty Singer and then gave the pillow squares to my brilliant seamstress to make into the pillows.

And last but NOT least... The inside of her closet gets a little bit of whimsy, and some trusty command hooks!

Write something about me!!!!

My very close friend that lives a few houses down from me loves my blog.
The family and I were over at their house for dinner the other night and she was telling her husband about my blog. He asked how often I usually post?

I said that I only post when I have something funny to write about.

He asked If I had ever written about him...

I said no.

My friend asked if I would write about her someday...

I took one look at her legs and replied...

" I'm looking at your Spanx that are peaking out from underneath your yoga pants and I'm gonna have to write about THAT."

( side note, she wore them to church and was too lazy to take them off when she got home. So yoga pants and Spanx it is!!)

p.s. she looked 20 pounds lighter for sure!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Finishline and a Gift

My super sexy husband crossed another finish line over the weekend. He ran his second 1/2 marathon. I'm so proud.
He ran eight minutes faster than his last race. 

The little punks were there to cheer him on.

One thing you might see in Alabama if you visit is the "Bama Belles"
I think it is some sort if club that you get chosen for. Remind me to NOT sign my girls up for the Bama Belles. I'm just sayin'.

Ted enjoys a Beer after the race to stave off muscle fatigue.

Next on the list is Molly. I took her for a nice long run this morning and for that she payed me back with a lovely gift.

A bird.

She was so proud to bring me that little gift.

I promptly tossed it out the door and said "thanks".

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're Back!!

Happy New Year!!

Just got home from out trip to Santa Barbara, California.
Here are a few pictures and highlights from our trip...
Made some ceramic masks at an art studio on the beach where my big sis Stacy volunteers. 

 The kids in California don't go sledding in the snow... they instead put their wetsuits on and sled down the grassy hills on their boogie boards.

 Took many walks along the beach

 That's my nephew Morgan. Alex is three months older than Morgan but Morgan  comes from taller stock.

Alex leaps for joy!!

Ari and Holland took 1 million pictures of themselves.

Love rock

My two sisters and I have birthed all of these punks!!

Holland took full advantage of her rubber boots.

Hit the ground running straight to the nearest Mexican restaurant. Had some of the best food around. Yummy.

I wonder at what age the punks stop taking pictures of themselves.

had some fun car rides.

20 year old Brittany held Ari down by her hair. She must have been misbehaving and had to be smacked down to the bottom of the totem pole.

My Mom and sisters on Christmas eve at the Santa Barbara Mission

My very generous parents

Uncle Ted is everbody's "it" guy for all things technology related.

Sister Shelley... not the" Nun" kind of sister

a bunch of camera shy wackos!!

Shelley's "one eyed" chihuaua loves me.

Indy says her Christmas Eve goodbye to her Christmas Elf

Our family is full of "Gingers"

some action shots

They totally love each other

Ari takes control over Brittany.

Christmas Morning

Stacy and Tony try on his new "readers" he  can finally see all the sports stats clearly.

Kieran got more Calico Critters for Xmas

London the one eyed Chihuahua loves me.

The kids got Wii Just Dance and they had dance competitions over and over

This is the $$ shot!!

More walks and leaps on the beach.

I feel like I am home when I am on the beach. It's in my blood and my soul

I think that's how my kids feel too.

Celebrated New Years day by watching the sunrise at the beach.

It was glorious.

We started out the New Year by writing down all of the things we wanted for ourselves for 2011 and all of the things we wanted to let go of. We wrote these intentions on a piece if paper and then put them into a bowl

and burned them. 

and then releasing them as ashes back to the ocean and the surf.

It was a perfect trip.
Wishing you all a year full of good intentions and hoping that we can all stay true and honor our Authentic selves.