Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Turkey Day??

We will be celebrating this Thanksgiving with our friends/neighbors.

We are all bringing a couple of dishes and another family is doing the turkey and a honey baked ham.

I went to the store this morning to get all the stuff I needed. I even bought a turkey breast to cook for my family on Friday so we would have some left overs to eat.

As I unloaded my groceries into my truck I spotted someone else's Thanksgiving day "Bird"

from afar It only looked like a blob of fur, but as I got a bit closer...( on top of that blue explorer)

Yep That's right...

It's a "racoon" layin on top of that truck " dead"
I said is that tonight's dinner?? he said "no, it's tomorrow nights dinner"

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're so Crafty!!

My neighbor friend Kelli and I have been working on a few crafts.
We both saw these cute burlap door hangers and decided that it would be much more fun to copy them then to purchase them. Yea we're bad like that.
 Yes... hand painted on burlap by moi. and then cut out.

 Also hand painted by yours truly!! Written by Kelli since my handwriting is crap.

 See what I mean// Thanksgiving on the outside...
And Christmas on the inside!! The Christmas door decor will come soon. Don't want the neighbors to know that I've put the Christmas decor up yet. They'll definitely think I'm a Wacko!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Crawling Some More

The food crawl continued to yet another place featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives.

the Gumbo Shack... famous for what else??


I had a cup of gumbo plus their famous turkey sandwich shmeared with their popular Alabama BBQ sauce. Except that its not BBQ sauce at all but more a mayonnaise with all kinds of yummy seasonings added. Super good on a sandwich.

oink oink!!

oink oink again! Ellen and Alicia ( wild neighbor) had dinner and wine and followed up with a crap load
of Halloween candy.

Somebody went a little crazy with the chocolate!! I think she ate about 12 small candybars!!

I temporarily lifted my ban on the dogs being allowed on my sofa but quickly recanted it when the sofa started to smell like dirty dog again. OFF...BAD DOG!!

Plus these little punks smell much better and are cuter.

My friend ( and neighbor) Alicia always comes over and eats my food but I get the better end of the deal because she cleans my house and kitchen when she comes over. I don't ever take it personally when she freaks out about my messy house. I tell her it's good therapy for her extreme case of OCD!! she's totally a neat freak!!
Me and Ellen at a very nice restaurant at the Marriott Grand Hotel ad Spa for another day of shopping and lunch. Don't pay any attention to my puffy "steroid" cheeks.

Ellen makes me take her picture wherever we go. I'm happy to oblige.

Someone ( super sexy husband) gave Ellen a little boat ride on our lake before she left town.
And some little punks weren't too happy about not being allowed on the boat too. Not enough room.

That ends the food crawl.

I'm working on some crafty things with my other neighbor/friend. I will share them with you asap!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Alabama Food Crawl

Ellen just left to fly back to California. We had a blast while she was here. We ate... we shopped.. we ate... we shopped... you get the drill.
The food crawl began at an outdoor bistro down in Fairhope. My family and I watch a show on the food network called Diners-Drive ins and Dives. They feature places all across the country that have yummy food. We are lucky enough to have a few of these places right here in my neck of the Deep South.

Panini Pete's was the first stop on our food crawl.

Delicious panini sandwiches with everything homemade. 

Of course we couldn't leave without dessert. Homemade benyay's ( I don't know how to spell them the real way)

 Followed by a lovely dinner out with the kids.

Ellen thinks I shouldn't let the dogs on my chairs... what do you think?

More to come later. The food crawl continues.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I might win the Mom of The Year award for this. I barely took any pictures on Halloween. I got distracted over the fact that my dear friend Ellen was flying in from California to go trick or treating with us.

So here are the only pictures I took from the entire night... "LOSER" !!!

Yes, Ted was there... he took the kids trick or treating.

Yes Ari was there... she was dressed as a flapper... very adorable.

Yes I was there... snapping all these photos.

I have more to come tomorrow. My adventures with Ellen.