Sunday, February 28, 2010

Softball Anyone?

Indy is playing softball now. Soccer was her first sport. She got a nice taste of that and looked very cute running up and down the soccer field kicking herself in the butt.
So softball started this past week. The coach has already pulled me aside to tell me what a natural athlete I have on my hands. I told him she gets it from me. Yea right! I may be coordinated but I'm not that athletic.
Anyway I will post more pictures after her next practice but here are a couple from her first practice.

Meanwhile, Alex has chosen NOT to play baseball. He is not comfortable playing ANY sport where there is the slightest chance that he might get hurt, tackled, bumped, hit, or knocked over. So he will be playing golf in the spring and Summer when the lessons become available. Lucky for him he has a VERY good swing and happens to really love playing, much to the chagrin to his father.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Italian Dinner

Ted took us out for a nice Italian dinner tonight. It's getting nice to go out with the kids since they are getting older. There's not so much drama. Indy only visited the bathroom twice. Alex only whined a bit when Ted ate some of his bread and at the end when we told him no desert. Ari? well she did great! We only had to tell her once to stop slurping her linguine and to roll up her sleeves as to avoid soaking up her Alfredo sauce with her coat sleeve.
All in all I'd say it was a good night.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Comment

My sister Shelley has told me in no uncertain terms that my last post isn't worth commenting on. OK fine... so I was desperate!!! My life is apparently too boring so I'm reaching!! Peanut butter or whatever, I'll try to do better.

Please don't give up on me. I'll try to do better next time.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Stir or NOT to Stir

I have gotten a few comments on my last post regarding peanut butter. to stir or not to stir. SOME people are saying they have organic peanut butter but it has to be refrigerated and stirred. I'm sorry but when it comes to peanut butter I prefer to live with my head in the sand. When we were living with my parents, my Mom ONLY buys organic everything. This means organic- no -salt peanut butter. I can't tell you how many times I went to make my child a PB sandwich and had to try to stir the already VERY chilled jar of pb and ended up opening a brand new jar because I couldn't get it stirred enough to make that gross oil go away. Plus if you're gonna buy peanut butter you gotta have the salt. Who buys un-salted peanut butter??? Whats the damn point if you can't have that creamy salty goodness that sticks to the roof of your mouth?
So I'll stick with my over processed JIF for now, plus you can buy it in bulk at Sam's club. Super fantastic!!
Now I'm craving a PB n J so gotta go.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jif and getting busted

Alex blatantly dis-obeyed me right in front of my face this morning , so I did what any self -respecting mother would do...I busted him and took away his outdoor privileges for this afternoon. On top of that, when he got home I informed him that not only would he be spending this beautiful afternoon in the house but he was going to be doing some hard labor, I mean I told him he was going to be my little laundry helper.
He cried and said "Why can't you by like normal mothers and JUST ground me and NOT make me do any work"!!!!!

Also on the home front.....

Indy just told me that JIF Peanut Butter is the best peanut butter in the world. She heard it on TV. I kind of agree. . My mother and little sister wouldn't agree but they're into that no-flavor organic flavorless peanut butter.Perhaps she's been watching a bit too much TV

Monday, February 22, 2010


OMG I was just teasing Ari about the fact that she still lets me kiss her...even in public if I can sneak one in ( but not very often).

BUT, she says the most HORRIFYING thing of all?????

Get ready it's a doozy.

Are you sitting down???

Dad tries to hold her hand in PUBLIC!!!!!


Sunday Volleyball Tournament

Ari and I spent the entire day in Pensacola, Fla. yesterday for her first club volleyball tournament. The day started out fine, I brought my ugly camping chair and my PEOPLE magazine and a cooler full of our lunch and settled in for the day. As it turns out I sat in enemy territory but since the parents are not competitive and I'm not much of a talker, It was fine. I read my magazine and texted my family while Ari was reffing and watched the games when she was "on". There were three courts in the one gym so there were three games going on at all times.

After lunch a couple of moms "found" me and brought their chairs over next to mine... now normally this would be fine but for some reason I was having a hard time focusing on any ONE thing yesterday so It sort of went like this...

Southern Belle - "OH you go baby girl! get it! get it! get it!"

me-- nothing

SB- "Oh tough luck! tough luck!" (grabbing my arm, not cool.)

me- nothing

SB- " did you see that play? what did the ref say?"

me- "no sorry I missed that call"

Basically I spent the whole day floating in and out of being able to focus on the game. Every time a whistle blew my mind looked around to see what it was. NOT good.

after a twelve hour day and a "losers bracket" win. we headed home. got home plunked my junk from the day on the kitchen counter and fell onto the sofa and fell asleep for two hours. Thank GOD, Ted put the kids to bed and woke me up at 9:30 to move into the bedroom where I brushed my teeth, washed my face and fell into bed again and slept till 6:20 this morning.

Today I will make some pasta salad from a salad that I saw someone eating yesterday that looked good to me. I will go to Target to buy socks for Indy since all her socks seam to have evaporated into thin air and I will clean up the house from the weekend.

What are you doing today?

Friday, February 19, 2010

stream of Conciousness

I haven't worked out in a week. Eric would NOT be proud. I just haven't felt like it because my back and hip have been bothering me.I did vacuum the house however and perhaps will clean some toilets today and maybe dust some shelves. This house came equipped with a central vacuum. At first I resisted using it. I had a boyfriend...his name was DYSON. We had a great relationship. He did everything I asked of him and he was very colorful and cute. But then we got this house and the OTHER man was here. The central vac. I didn't want to use it. I didn't want to lug the hose all over the house. I was in a relationship with my Dyson. we were happy. Ted made me try it. I think we may be falling in love. Its so powerful and easy to use. It has different heads for hardwood and carpet so I can vacuum the whole house and just change the heads. Poor poor Dyson has been in the closet ever since. I feel bad... but not really.

I ordered bar stools today. We have been sitting at the kitchen bar for a month on counter stools because nobody wants to sit at the kitchen table unless I make them. If anybody knows counter stools, they will tell you how goofy one looks while sitting at a bar on a short stool. The counter is at your chin and your food plate is in your face because the stool isn't tall enough.

Have a great day!! Life is good.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Last days of Mardi Gras

Shelley just left yesterday to go back home to Ca. We had a great time. We love to harass each other and laugh a ton!! I took full advantage of her being here. Beginning with helping us move some heavy furniture. But first she had to try on Teds head lamp for some amusement. I think she wants one for her birthday.

Ari got a bit upset when I informed her that we were going to skip one of the many Mardi Gras parades that were happening in the area. Aunt Shell was nice enough to give her a parade all her own. I see now what Shelley does. In order to avoid cleaning her house...she comes up with these hair brained ideas and crafts to keep herself busy. Like making her own mardi gras mask.

Ari really enjoyed her own personal parade.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Gulf Shores Alabama/ Gulf of Mexico

Happy Valentines Day!!

Shelley painted this for me 15 years ago and I've saved it all these years and it has made it through all these many moves. Aren't you impressed?? Those of you who REALLY know me, know how much I like to throw things away, but i do have a heart and I like this card so i saved it.
Put my feet in the Gulf of Mexico today. It was much colder than I thought it would be. Shelley had to remind me twice that it's the dead of Winter still and unseasonably cold here right now. I shall look forward to warmer water and bright turquoise color soon.

Alex was happy to go off and search for lost treasures.

These are the ocean front beach houses along the shore. I want to rent one for a week in the Summer but they're all booked up this year so for sure 2011.

The pristine white sandy beach thrills me. It's like sitting on fairy dust.

Indy wasn't feeling well so she and I lay on the sand while the others wandered and collected shells.

Love her. She makes me smile.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Today being Shelley's first visit to Alabama, I let her choose what we did. She chose a visit to the USS Alabama a decommissioned WWII war ship that is docked in Mobile bay. We took Mr. Socks with us. He had a great time. We followed our visit with lunch, a trip to the craft store, naps, dinner and a Mardi Gras parade. We are really too busy to write anything right now because we are off to the Gulf for the day. Enjoy these pictures instead!