Friday, March 25, 2011

A Little Late

I'm just getting around to writing a new post.
Stacy left over a week ago.
I've been burried up to my eyeballs in baseball, softball and volleyball.
While she was here she drug me into every thrift store that had a pulse and made me inhale "old" stuff smells. 

Then we drug her butt to Aligator alley to give her a nice healthy dose of the deep South.

Yep them there are gators sunning themselves on the banks of the river.

This guy was missing his right arm but looked happy all"spread eagle" in the sun.

They give swim lessons here at Aligator Alley, free too!! Cuz we're nice like that down here.

11, 1, & 4 also happen to be feeding times for the gators.

Stacy pointing to the gators over her shoulder

Love the horses in the background of the gators.

                                                  Aligator alley also had some really cool long horn cattle.

And a friendly donkey

AFter gator alley we spent the afternoon eating lunch at a col place that sits along one of the many riverbanks in Southern Alabama. The food and atmosphere were great.


Loopy for the Loupee's said...

amazing alligators!! Stacy looks great as always!!

Anonymous said...

Hey! We want to play with gators too! -Aidan and kieran

Donald A. Kaminski said...

Simply awesome. Steph you do a great job keeping us all informed! Grammy likes it too!