Friday, October 14, 2011

Boating Day

Our friends had us out on their boat last weekend.
We took the Bay boat up the river headed North instead of going out on the Gulf.

Boating attire is very important. Especially the red toe socks with flip flops

After Ted gave us a push off we made him swim out to the boat. It was super fun to watch.

Our dear friends Erin and Steve and their kids

After heading up the river a while...

we came upon a deserted shit hole house

I'm guessing  a Southerner would call this a hunt/fish camp.


of course we had to get off the boat and have a closer look.

We sent Ted and Steve in first.

only living thing on the house was this huge wolf spider.

This is the back of the "house" that must have been the bathroom. I could totally move right in.

It was super homey inside. Bunk beds, table and chairs, old beer cans. all the comforts of home.

Someone had a sore throat that day. 

She insisted that I look in her throat and take a picture so she could see how bad it looked.

We trekked through the woods a bit before getting back on the boat.

re-boarding the boat

Then we were back in business.

Ari has been playing volleyball 6 days a week so when we drag her out of bed on a Sunday morning for an adventure, we don't force her to socialize too much. I did manage to get a smile out of her once or twice.

This is my little secret part of the country. Please don't tell anyone how beautiful it is down here.

WE pulled up to a restaurant on the water, tied the boat up and had an awesome lunch.
That's the city of Mobile in the background.
Feel sorry for me.

Ran into this guy after lunch. He was sunning himself.

See him in the background?

I got to lay in the sun a bit too.

Sunny Miss Sunshine. 

While we were at lunch it seems that the tide had gone out. 

We got a little bit stuck in the mud. That's black mud coming out of the engine. It only took us a while to maneuver our way back home in the VERY shallow water.

It was an amazing day. We are so blessed to have such wonderful generous friends!!
Thanks to Steve and Erin for another FABOO day!!

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