Friday, March 23, 2012

What's That Smell??

Sometimes when it's warm and humid outside I come home and walk into the house and get a SLAP in the face.

A slap in the face by the smell of stinky dog.

It makes me cranky.

It reminds me of how rarely the dogs get bathed.

Well guess who's been getting a bath more often?

Don't feel sorry for that sad little face. There's a reason why they use Wiemeraners in depression commercials.

Because they are famous for that sad pathetic "feel very sorry for me" look on their face.

That's me standing outside the shower pointing and laughing at the dogs. It's how I get my kicks.

1 comment:

gkitty said...

Has Ted seen this? OMG! I can smell those dogs from here! I miss you guys too! xoxo