Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A couple Things

Alex has been home sick since last Friday. I took him to the Doctor as soon as he said that it was hurting to breathe.
He has pneumonia. Lucky for him and me... He's a pretty good patient. it's amazing how easy they are when they REALLY don't feel well. He probably won't be back to school until next Monday. Pray for me.

Ari started her first REAL job. She applied at the local vet where we take all of our pooches. He told her that he'd love to hire her but that she was probably gonna have to choose between playing volleyball in the Fall and this job. She came home and cried.
She agonized for two days about what to do. Does she give up volleyball her senior year to have a job she really wants? Or does she keep her commitment to herself and her team and give up the job?

Ted and I both told her that we thought she should NOT give up volleyball her senior year. There are NO do overs. You don't get another senior year. She was so torn because she really wanted the job.
I finally told her " Ask for the moon!" Tell the Dr that you want the job but you will be playing VB in the late Summer/Fall and that you'll be back to re-apply when the season ends. Ask for the moon! You deserve it.
She didn't have to ask for the moon. He called her two days later and asked her to start the next day.
He said that when she started VB he would deal with it then, but that he wanted to hire her in spite of the fact that she would need a few months off.
She started a few days ago. She wears scrubs to work and gets to do whatever they need help with.
She cam home yesterday all happy and excited because she got to help in an exam. She got to hold a dog while he had blood drawn. She also got to take a poop sample and put it into a lab tube. Exciting stuff. She loved it. I told her to go wash her damn hands and to take those scrubs off before she walks into the house and carries in all the animal germs and fur.
gross. to each her own i guess. So proud of her.

Indy started tennis lessons last week. Hey, I've gotta have someone to play with when Ted's not around. She loves it of course. Damn.

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