Thursday, June 10, 2010

But I Still Have Clean Underwear...I Think

 Summer  break has been going on now for about three weeks. Three weeks ago I told  my daughter to bring me her dirty laundry when she wanted me to wash it or whenever she runs out of clean clothes.

 It's not too much to ask. Just bring em to me. Every day I look at the spill over of dirties around her laundry basket. It spans about three feet in all directions around her basket. last Night she finally brought down her basket. I was happy. I couldn't believe that she had enough clothes and underwear to last that long.

I didn't have a chance to start her clothes last night so this morning when she was looking for some clean clothes I had to tell her that I hadn't gotten around to it yet. That's OK to her because she just dug down into her dirties and pulled out what she needed!! Oh I remember those days!

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Sarah K said...

my kids do the opposite - even if they don't wear it, it turns up in the laundry. AND they are still in the 2 - 4 outfit stage, especially Julia (5). SOOOOO much laundry. i look forward to the day when i can officially make them do it. Now that Ari drives, she is old enough to do her, don't you think?? he he he, just kidding!!