Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Look Out!!!

 Ok so I am now the parent of a driver!!!
OMG, she got her learners permit yesterday and thank GAWD she didn't want to drive home from the DMV!!

I did however let her drive me to the dry cleaners today and she did quite well. But before we left the house she asked me to please  NOT yell at her. For some reason she says it stresses her out when i yell so she politely asked me NOT to. I didn't, and it was a very nice uneventful trip outside of the neighborhood.

Good girl Babe!!!

Mamma's so proud.

P.S. It looks like my comment section is back up and running and hopefully it will be much easier to post a comment of you so choose. You all know how much I love to read waht you are thinking so go ahead... make my day!! That means you too Denise!!


Denise said...

yeaaayyy its me!
I must tell you that my stomach dropped when you said LEARNERS PERMIT!
I have loved every moment of motherhood...even the moments that i have now with my 20 and 22 year old babies! BUT the months of learners permits were enough to make me glad that God saw that 2 was all i could handle!
I got the "mom please dont yell" but I told them that when my life depends on my yells they will hear my yells...exausting!

I think that its just that i am the worst passenger ...driving 50 years or 50 minutes makes no difference

So happy for you to make your own memories ... mine were lame! hope yours will be positive wonderful and blah blah blah....
Keep us posted! I know you will

Anonymous said...

My baby is driving???? She'll be a great driver, I know it. If I could survive her aunt Shelley and her cousins, well, you get the drift. Actually, Meredith and Stacy are more concerned about G. Kitty's driving these days than anyone is of Arianna's. Just a couple of rear-end miss haps and everybody's freaking out! Just breathe, relax, OOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

I don't knowwhat you are referring to. Besides that time iblew the tire of the Buick before igot my licence... Since then, except for the time my old Toyota corona got stolen in long beach... My driving has been fine. Ahem. What an insult! Ari, you go girl! Aunt Shelley believes in you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, I am happy to be plugged back into your life. The DMV photo story is hysterical. You should send it into the newspaper for sure. Everyone needs a good laugh and we can all relate. Sorry that you have been sick. Summer cold/flu are no fun. Sounds like you have been busy with company. Enjoy this new wave and call when you can. Love, Ellen