Thursday, September 16, 2010

Feeling Better

OK I'm sure you thought I fell off the hospital bed but really I didn't.
 I spent five long lovely miserable days in the hospital, hooked up to IVs with a mega steroid push and a Dilated push as needed for pain. Also had my blood drawn more than a few times, finger pricked about a dozen times to measure my blood glucose levels  and not to mention a colonoscopy and a full abdomen series of xrays. That's a lot.
By Sat at lunchtime I had grown bored of my clear liquid diet and was making myself insane by watching 12 hours a day of the food network.  When the Dr finally upgraded me to a cloudy liquid diet I thought it might be the happiest day of my life, but 5 minutes after that bowl of creamy tomato soup I was beggin for someone to shoot me and put me outta my misery. You see... when your intestines are sick... you need to give them TIME to heal. 
Anywhoo, I plotted my escape in spite of my belly ache and managed to sweet talk a substitute GI doc to let me go home that night. I figured that if I wasn't getting IV steroids any more and wasn't gettin IV pain meds anymore and wasn't gettin anything good to eat out of the deal then I was OUTTA THERE.
Ted and the kids came and got me and took  me home. I took a nice warm shower and brushed my teeth and crawled into bed and went to sleep. It was great. Until the next morning when I had another attack of diareah and proceeded to vomit all over my feet.  Um thank God that my husband loves me enough to clean up my vomit because I did that many times over the next several days. He finally one morning shoved a small trash can in my face and asked if I could please vomit into the can so he wouldn't have to steam mop the bathroom floor several times a day. I was happy to oblige.
Fast forward to today. Mom has been here since Monday Night and I have steadily and slowly gotten stronger with each day and with each home made meal. Her home made chicken soup and chicken salad have been so yummy and felt so good moving through my recovering bowels. It's just what I needed.
More to come soon.

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Mere said...

happy you are doing well. watch my match tomorrow night! love you