Thursday, September 9, 2010

It's Me


I'm feeling a little better today so I'm blogging a quick update from my hospital bed.

The Doctor says that the Ulcerative colitis was so bad that I'm gonna be here a couple more days just to heal my colon and perhaps be upgraded to a full liquid diet instead of a CLEAR liquid diet. We all know what clear liquids are... broth, jello, tea, juice and that's about it.

A full liquid diet will include all of the above and some milk products like ice cream and yogurt. I've never been so excited about ice cream in my life! Although that's only my mouth, mind and stomach talking. Ask my intestines and they will tell you that the clear liquids are fine thankyouverymuch and who needs anything more.

I seemed to have really done a number on myself this time. I knew I was sick but continued to down play it as just needing more time at home on the oral steroids and rest. Thank Gawd I increased my fluid intake over the weekend otherwise I fear I would have gone by ambulance to the nearest hospital or even worse.

I am not the best at taking care of myself. I am nurse Ratchet to everyone else but not myself. If this had been one of my kids, I would have had them in the ER last week. But not myself. I tried to tough it out. VERY foolish. But I am now in very good hands and right where I'm supposed to be. Heeling up, slowly. And while I sit in a hospital bed, Ted is at home running the house and taking care of the kids and the dogs. The neighbors have been bringing dinner every night and helping out as much as Ted needs. Lucky for me I have the kind of husband that does laundry, goes to the grocery store, even filled in for me today at the elementary school snack shack this morning. He is a rock star. I am so grateful. 

Mom comes on Monday so that Ted can go back to work. She will take over the cooking so the wonderful neighbors can get a break from feeding my family and she will be there to wait on me hand and foot : ).
The kids are so excited that she is coming. I am too. I am so grateful to have such an amazing support system around me. 

This just once again proves my theory, that there are good people everywhere. 
I am so blessed.

Blessed to have the BEST GI doctor in town.

Blessed to have such an amazing group of nurses caring for me.

Blessed to have my family's love and support.

Blessed to have such amazing friends

Blessed to have wonderfully resilient children

and Blessed to have a husband that loves and adores me.

Life is good.

p.s. Don't be fooled by my smiling face. I am really not faking it I swear!! I really am sick. Just feeling good enough to sit up in bed and open up my laptop. And of course snap a picture of myself for personal amusement.


shelley said...

YEAH! That was a much better blog than I would have written. I was going to stress how amazing your friends in Alabama are. I can't believe how caring and thoughtful people can be. You are SO LUCKY!!! You are on the survival-weight-los-super-colon-healing diet. Maybe you will end up looking more like an eel than a blowfish. SO HAPPY YOU ARE FEELING A TEESY BIT BETTER!

Lynne said...

Oh my gosh, you poor thing! I can't believe you're in the hospital. Way to go to not listen to your body, you goofball. Get better soon!!!

Denise said...

Think of it as a nice break from life.... this time you wont have to deal with a crying newborn and a stretched out vagina! yea you still have to visit the bathroom for some interesting creations but who doesn't ....
Enough of the levity! You take care of yourself! you are very needed! dont you forget that!! So sorry that you have to deal with all this. You always seem to end up moving into the loving arms of great and helpful people! I think thats because of who you are and what you put out there , you get it back ten fold
get well