Monday, October 25, 2010

Is This Chicken??? Why Yes, yes it is!!

Walked on down the road to the neighbors house last night for dinner.
On the menu was their home made chili. I brought hot dogs to add to the menu just in case my little punks hated the chili cause I'm nice like that.

I was secretly told on the sly that the meat in the chili was venison ( deer meat).
I quickly ordered my friends to keep that little bit of info quiet as I know my little punks and knew that they wouldn't come within ten feet of a bowl of that chili if they knew that "bambi" was in it.

So we bellied up to the table with our chili and hot dogs and the kids were gobbling it down when Indy says to me...

Indy "Mom I don't really like the chili I just only like the chicken in it"

Me, " That's OK honey... you can just pick out the chicken and eat it."

Neighbor enemy friend, " Hey kids how do you like the possum chili?"

Indy, looks at me, dumps the big chunk of meat back into the bowl and says, " I'm done"

me , looking over at my frenemy " REALLY?? did you have to say that?"

Frenemy, " I 'm only kidding Indy... It's not possum."

Indy, " Mom I don't believe him, can I go outside and play? I'm really done."

Me "yes yes honey you may be excused... do you want one more bite of chicken?"

Indy " HELL NO No thank you... I'm really done.

So the  hot dogs got all eaten up and Ari gave me the "look" after finding out the truth about the meat.

My neighbors have a lot of left over chili thanks to SOMEONES big mouth!!

When we left I told them thanks for the " road kill " chili


Shelley said...

that is some funny-ass stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I told big mouth to keep it on the sown low, but you know him Steph.....he is a man and really do they ever listen?!!!! :)