Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Oh Sorry!!

I've been so busy lunching that I forgot about blogging.

As soon as I was feeling good I hit the ground running and haven't stopped much. The last week has included lots of lunches out with girlfriends, and lots of decorating for other people. I get the huge pleasure of decorating a friends house for the holidays so I've been shopping for beautiful Christmas decor for her home. SUPER fun for me... not so much fun for her. Thank GAWD that she gags at the thought of having to shop for decor because it keeps me busy and happy, and well.. employed!!!

I just finished an eight year old's bedroom. My first client in  several years and my first client in Alabama.
Here are the "before" pictures of the bedroom,

 These Southern Belle's... they like everything monogrammed.

 And they like their shower curtains to go from the ceiling to the freakin' floor!!!
Tomorrow, I will show you the "After"!! stay tuned

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