Thursday, December 2, 2010

Create, Create

I haven't had much time to post any blogs lately because I've been busy decorating.

First I had to re-make the soft roman shades in the kitchen because I am going in a different color direction. I've used the same colors in the last four houses we've owned. It was time for a change.
So they went from this...

To this. Much lighter. There are six of these windows PLUS a large window over my kitchen sink.

 Yea, I made them myself. I just took the old ones apart with a seam ripper... VERY carefully so I could keep the technical part of the shades intact. Then I bought this beautiful fabric and re-sewed them with the new fabric. Pretty huh?? I think so. Now I just need to have my super sexy husband paint the walls.

Then I was hired by my friend to decorate her house for the Holidays.

Did the inside AND the front door
I used a lot of burlap. It's my new favorite fabric. I made a tree skirt , table runner out of it and bought some 9" burlap ribbon and used it arounf the front door and on the Christmas tree and anywhere else I could think of. 

Then I moved on to my own front door.
They do things BIG here in the South so I had to step up my game this year.
 My crafty neighbor and I made the painted burlap stocking and Santa's for our front doors, and I did 21" wide red and white mesh ribbon on top of lit garland for around the door.

our tree is so small for thr ceilings in this house that it looks a bit like a mini tree so I had to make the top of the tree look like a party hat. 
I'm hoping to get a bigger tree on clearance after Christmas.

Once I finished all the projects above, I had a free day or two so I decided to make new Christmas stockings for my family. So with some direction from my friend, I made these "Ballard Design" look-a-likes. I sewed everything but the monogramming witch my friend did for me.

I wonder what my next project will be.

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Brittany Anne said...

Soooo freaking cute!!! I am so lucky i got the creative genes from you and mom and shelley!! i love you and counting down the days til we are reunited!! i am in need of some laughs:)