Sunday, December 12, 2010

Run Boy Run!!!

Guess who ran his very first Half marathon yesterday??

Yep... my super sexy husband!!

I of course just waited at the finish line for him. My large chest doesn't allow me to run long distances. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

 The finish line was in a beautiful park in an area called Point Clear Alabama,  right on the water.

All race finishers got to enjoy as much Gatorade as needed 

And of course they got to belly up to the Keg of beer too. Apparently that is the preferred drink of choice for a race finisher. It is supposed to replenish your body's need for carbs in a super fast way and helps to prevent major soreness from fatigued muscles.
That's THEIR story and THEY"RE sticking to it.

And here comes our boy, across the finish line in a respectable time of 2 hours and  three minutes.

Yea that's him all dressed in dark grey.

 Down the "chute" he comes!!

Of course I pointed him straight to the beer keg to "recover".

I had Ari with me so I made her snap our picture. I've discovered that I'm not in ANY pictures so I need to work on that. My cheeks are still pretty "round" from the steroids that I was on but I'm grateful to be alive and well so I'm working on "self acceptance" of myself.

Our good friend Alicia ran too. Actually she was the one that signed Ted and herself up for this race. She is Ted's running inspiration. She is full of "awesomeness"!!

Good Job Teddy Boy!!
We're so proud!!

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