Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My little chef

My little punk demanded asked that we make whipped creme the other day but we had no creme so he decided that egg whites would be the next best thing.

I had to break it to him that whipped egg whites didn't quite measure up to homemade whipped creme. After much whining  debate, i managed to convince him to make a baked meringue cookie instead. Of course he HAD to do this on a day when I was not the slightest bit interested in cooking but when my little punks show interest in something I feel obligated to deliver.

So I did what any self respecting mother would do...

I told him to look up a recipe on the Internet.

And I told him he was on his own... and to clean up after himself!!!

The meringues came out great.

Do you think this is how Bobby Flay started out?


Brittany Anne said...

LOVE it! hahaha that boy cracks me up!!

Mere said...

he is a keeper...not doubt