Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two things


Mom left the other day after a lovely week long trip here. We thoroughly enjoyed having her. She and I spent a lot of time napping and lunching.

The most memorable lunch was when we happened upon a new little Italian place in Fairhope and ordered the house lasagna.
All was OK but it was a bit like a giant pile of cheese and a layer or two of pasta. Then to finish off the meal I look up and see Mom applying her lipstick at the lunch table. Doesn't she know that Southern women don't apply lipstick at the table? Also one does NOT pick something out of ones teeth with a sugar packet.

I'm just sayin.


I'm in the kitchen preparing dinner last night when I hear two very loud gun shots.
I run outside and look to see where the shots were coming from.
Oh no worries... it was just my neighbor two doors down with a giant rifle trying to shoot a giant poisonous snake. 

Welcome to the South.

P.S.  He missed. 

Run snake run!!!!

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gkitty said...

Hey! I've been to finishing school! I know what is proper and accepted at the table. It is perfectly acceptable to reapply one's lipstick at the table in the South or anywhere. The sugar packet substituting for a dental tool, well, that was my own invention and it has yet to come before the committee.
Loved being with ya'all!!