Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend/Happy Birthday to Me

Our sweet next door neighbors invited us to their beachhouse this weekend.

They have six kids so our measly three kids could only make a dent in the cluster of little punks.

We live in Alabama... feel VERY sorry for us.

All those people in the water are our children.

Christine ( our hostess) and I got to sit in our chairs and watch the little punks frolic in the warm water.

Our Hosts, are sitting next to me. I realized I only got one picture of my friend Christine. That's her in the brown hat sitting between the men folk.

We sat on the alcony and watched the boys fish off the dock.

while snacking on some yummies.

Alex and one of the triplets.

another triplet.

they got to learn how to drive a little outboard motorboat

and  did lots of tubing

Our host is not only a great skier but also an a Gynocologist. So while vacationing with them I can ask him all kinds of questions about Va-jay jays and hormones. Ted cringes but I know the good Dr. doesn't mind

Of course Ari also had someone to play with. Their eldest child is 15 so he and ARi spend lots of time together. These poeple also live right next doot to us so this kid is always eating my food and lounging on my sofa. 

I love him.

He seems to like hanging with us.

Even Ted enjoyed the beach.

Our friend's youngest child was adopted from China. I love her and she is precious!!

It was a perfect birthday weekend.

Thank you to the Fahy's for having us!! We had a wonderful time!

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