Monday, August 29, 2011

A Few Things

The little punks started school a couple of weeks ago.

Indy 3rd grade and Alex 5th grade

where has the time gone?

My girl is now a junior in high school. I only have her for 2 more years then she's gonna leave me. I think she'll come back every now and again. I've manipulated her into thinking that she likes to be with us. I'm hoping she won't smarten up to my plan. Bwahahahaha.

Of course we had to snap a pic with Harrison too. It's nice living next door to your besty. 

All the little punks waiting for the bus.

BYE!! Don't hurry home!!

On another note... Ted and I got invited by friends to attend a fabulous fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. It was a wonderful evening of good food, wine, slient auction and even a live auction.

Don't know why we look green in this photo but I swear we are NOT.

more to come later.

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bamamama said...

i think your plan to keep Ari close by is brilliant!!!