Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Did it Once... Not ever agian.

Ted had meetings to attend in Orlando last month. Since it was free travel and free hotel we thought we should take advantage of that and take the kids with us and hit Disney World for the first time.
Indy bought and traded her first pin.

While Ted was working, the kids and I hit the Magic Kingdom. For the California people, this is the "Disneyland" in Florida.

Let us begin by discussing the heat. I think it was around 92 degrees that day and approx 99% humidity.
Indy is now tall enough to ride any ride in the park. She insisted on driving her OWN car.
I offered to ride with her and just push the gas pedal if her foot got tired but she insisted on riding solo.
Damn, I thought she was gonna be the one to live with me forever but I guess NOT.

be cool... just be cool.

I drove behind Indy. Unfortunately for the 10 cars behind us, they scooted along at a snails pace because Miss Thang struggled with the gas pedal. I could barely see the top of her head.

OMG stop the presses! She has her arm around his waist and he's smiling!! Yea... they really liked each other that week.

Remember the HEAT that I mentioned?? Um those are huge bologna patches in my armpits and yes that's sweat on the front of my shirt. Also running down my cleavage, also running down my back, also running down my face. I hate the heat.
Why couldn't Teds company do this exact meeting in like April??
OH and those are a few thousand more freckles I got while I was there too.

The sky opened up just as we left Magic Kingdom. We actually had a great time. We never waited longer than 10 minutes thanks to my Free Disney app that I had on my phone that showed me how long the wait was at every ride.

Spent most of our week sitting by the pool of our fabulous hotel. Bought Alex a snorkel and mask just to get him out of my hair.

It worked.

The next and only other Disney park we went to was Disney's Animal Kingdom.

This was one of my favorite things at this park. Safari Adventure.

Poor Indy, she brought her own autograph book from home with the intention of getting autographs of all Disney characters. Unfortunately for her... Alex and I weren't interested in waiting in line to get any. Yes that's me getting that Mother of the year award again. Have I mentioned that I don't really like amusement parks or waiting in line??

Bless her heart, she got one autograph. She forgave me... I think.

The only other good thing about Animal Kingdom is the veterinary hospital there. Everything they do is on display. That day they had a Black Buck deer type of animal. He had a huge infected wound on his shoulder from the antler of one of his siblings..

They were opening the wound up to get all of the gross puss junk out of it.

Um the vet is so cute. Could have sat and watched him them all day.

The kids found ways to amuse themselves in our hotel room. Thankfully we overlooked the pool and Disney so the view was spectacular.

That's a money shot right there. Dancing in his tighty whiteys.

Thanks Ted for taking us along. We had a blast!!

I'm hoping we have fulfilled our quota for Disney world but unfortunately My oldest girl didn't get to come with us this trip because she was comitted to volleyball and didn't want to miss daily practices. Perhaps she will guilt us into going one more time someday so she will have the experience but I'm not offering it up anytime soon. Had my fill of Disney. By the way she stayed with our neighbor NOT alone. Just sayin.

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Mere said...

omg your children....oh how i miss them so much! i will be living with you at some point after i graduate just to get a fill! love you and your craziness miss you too much its just not right