Thursday, November 10, 2011

lets catch up!

First half of this year Teds district won a sales contest. With that...
we won a trip to ARUBA!!

the view from the plane flying into Aruba.

The island of Aruba is just 6 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

Oh yea!!

messing with the color tricks on my camera.

It was so nice to see land and a BLUE sky.

We took a charter bus from the airport. These pictures were taken on our ride from the airport to the resort

I spent the first few hours of the plane ride in a euphoric love fest with my children. I was so loving them that I couldn't stand it. Perhaps it's because I was getting a five day brake from them.
My Mom flew in to spoil them take care of them. 
They were left alone with a credit card, a car, and no adult supervision, except for Gramma Kitty of course but she doesn't really count since she doesn't tell ANY of her grand children NO!!

more Aruba adventures to come!!

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