Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yep... still more

Didn't notice them the first day we were in Aruba but the next day they were everywhere.
 Every shade of green and teal. Yes teal lizards.

We went snorkeling around a sunken WWII ship. That's Ted down there diving down like 30 feet. He's been doing this since our honeymoon. I think he's crazy. I asked him NOT to go into the ship and get himself lost. 

I stayed near the water surface where all the pretty little fish were.

Tried to take a picture of myself. Ted LOVED this photo. I think he made it his screen saver. Can't even see my face. Not sure he cares.

I love the color of the water. YUM

Yep yum

The last night was dinner at a night club that was rented out just for our group. We started with cocktails and orderves on the beach at sunset.

It was a magical evening that finished with a fabulous dinner inside and a great Carnivale show.

 We had a little peeping tom while we enjoyed our last meal on Aruba. He was really cute.

 We spent lots of time laying on  loungs , reading and looking at the ocean.

My self portraits are getting a little better.
me amusing myself while My super sexy husband checks us out.
Thanks Honey for the MOST wonderful time!!
I love you.

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