Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Christmas Pictures

My little sister Shelley and her family always host Christmas Eve at their house.
Tom her husband is a big kid at heart.
This is their Christmas decor outside their house.

Homemade lasagna for dinner. Delicious!!

Poppy Tom and Me.

Our beautiful boys. My sisters and I each have one. 

Hi my name is Meredith and I'm about to catch mono. I do smile sometimes.
I swear.

HI my name is Ari and I like to take pictures of myself. 

cousins in the bathroom with a camera.

Aunt Shelley's bathroom needs a re-model. BADLY!!

Stacy has a houseful of foreign exchange students. They are adorable!

another Christmas eve smack down

Mom and Poppy Tom

Indy composes the letter to Santa. 

still more to come.

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