Monday, February 27, 2012

My opinions are My Own

If you did watch the Oscars last night then you've either fallen off the planet or you don't own a DVR.
I only watch for the fashions.
Not because It's the only thing I care about... but it's the only thing I care about.
Plus I didn't see ANY of the movies up for best picture ( loser!)
Her are my TOP fav's from the night.

Mila Govovich... LOVE

Cameron.. Love the simplicity on top and the fabulous bottom.

Best looking couple of the night. Ken and Barbie.. so lovely

LOVE the color and the simplicity of the gown and the cape is so cool. Stunning Gweneth

Viola Davis.
She looks so lovely in the color and Vera Wang knocked it out of the park.

AWE love everything about this gown. The fabric, color, style... everything.

I really only have one person that I wanted to vomit on.

Has anybody told her that Looking like an old lady with pinkish gray hair is NOT attractive?
Her dress isn't even ugly but when paired with that hideous hair it kills the whole look.

The end.

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good you're great!