Sunday, October 21, 2012

Senior night

Plus a few other things.

The volleyball team has worked very hard this season.

 No seriously.

that's my girl

My girl in the red.

Her kill went right through their hands. It was awesome.

I mean really hard!

Senior Night

Each senior had a poster on the gym wall.

Then the seniors were introduced along with their parents.

Then they played a game. They won.

That's Ari on the right. And her little sister on the left. She is a goofball. I love her.

Ari was about to slap her. I'm sure of it.

I cooked and served the pre-game meal at our house. The girls feel very comfortable here for some reason. They lay around on my furniture and giggle... and fart.

 There was a parent meeting the other night. After a few minutes of VB business, the seniors got up and surprised us parents with hand written letters of appreciation. They read them allowed to all of us.

She tried to read her letter but started to cry.

So her trusty friend read it for her.

Ari tried again to read. Again, she cried so Shannon took over.

They really do work their butts off. I swear!!

See?? I told ya

Oh yea!! That's my girl coming down from another kill.

seniors setting a good example as usual.

Birds of a feather flock together.
That about sums up senior night.

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