Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gone Fishing

Dear Dad,
I sit here thinking about you and am filled with nothing but gratitude and love. 
Thank you for teaching me about fishing, camping, and sling shots, and finding treasures where no one else looks.
Thank you for giving me some of the best childhood memories a girl could want. Those annual trips to Rock Creek for camping are still some of my fondest memories. 
Ice cream cones and Big Macs. Thank you for teaching Ted and me how to replace windows on an old house. For showing us that almost anything can be fixed... not replaced. 

I'm sorry that you never had a relationship with my kids. They really missed out, and so did you. I'm sorry that we were distant these past several years but I'm glad that we were able to have a nice conversation a few times a year to catch up. I know that you did the best that you knew how. We all did. I know that I would change a few things and I know you would too if we had a do over. We don't get a do-over.
 I'm so glad that I got to sit by your side last week. I got to rub your arms and tell you that I love you. I know you already know that but I do. I will miss you. I will carry on and never forget you.
Rest in Peace Dad.

Say Hi to Nana, Papa, Mimi, Grandad and all the others. I know they were happy to see you. Now go find some fishing lures in the streams and fix something. You surely will have a workshop up there filled with lots of stuff for tinkering.
 I love you.

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Shelley said...

THANKS. That was beautiful.