Sunday, May 30, 2010

Forty Something

Hi dear readers. It's Shelley again, comandeering the blog once more, this time to honor Steph on her birthday. Birthdays are like a microscope. For one day a year, everybody who knows you (and remember's that it is your birthday) thinks of you. They think about how you light up a room with your smile and loud humor. They think about how creative and talented you are. They think about your inner and outer beauty. They think about how you helped deliver their baby, hang charicatures in their basement, re-decorate their living room, made them throw away their ashamed-to-show-em whites,  said what you were really thinking so they could too, wrote the truth so they could laugh and laugh and laugh.
Thank you for being you. We are blessed by your presence every day, in every word you share, picture you take, meal you create, room you decorate, house you sell or buy, and so much more. We love you so much!

Don't we look fabulous?
You thought you were fat there (up arrow).

So sorry all you loved ones (husband, kids, parents, nieces, nephews, friends) who hoped to be pictured on Stepha's B-day blog. I have to rush off to the street drawing festival and don't have all day to search for pictures. Please e-mail Steph with your comments because she messed up the comment section on the blog and is very sad about not knowing how you feel about her and her writing.

Happy birthday my beautiful sister!

Love, Shell