Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Past Few Weeks

The past couple weeks or so have been quite busy.
WE had a quiet 4th of July. It was beastly hot which of course kept me inside and NOT wanting to do much of anything. After holding the kids off for most of the day we finally made a visit to the pool after our backyard BBQ for some fun in the water. This was Ted's second or third visit to the pool all season.(Not his scene). He was recruited as the jumping off platform for his two daughters who were more than excited to have a parent in the pool who was actually willing to get his hair wet. NO I do NOT get my hair wet as it will fade my hair color and make it look brassy. NOT a good look for the Mama.

My oldest child is a huge dork.

Ted got his first piece of mail from the AARP. I thought it was funny. He immediately picked up the phone and called them wanting to know why they were sending him this crap when he is most definitely NOT in their club yet.

Poppy Tom and Nephew Morgan arrived for a week long visit this past Tuesday and are here until next Tuesday. They have had fun in spite of me being deathly ill. As I write this I am on the sofa while the rest of the Fam are out and about eating waffles and scouting alligators. 

Alex starts Golf camp Monday and has already made a valiant attempt at getting out of it. He reminded me last night that he already took a golf lesson and therefore knows everything there is to know about the game of golf. After laughing my ass off at his usual M.O. I promptly told him "Nice try" but you are going weather you want to or not.

Indy on the other hand starts Volleyball camp this week also and is counting down the minutes until Monday when she will head on over to Southern Alabama University ( a division one volleyball school) for her week long all day camp. She has been wearing her knee pads all weekend.

Ari is just on the tail end of her count down to when BFF Emily arrives for her visit. Tuesday I will be dropping off two house guests and picking up a new one. Can't wait, love having the kids friends visit.

Me? I will be sucking on my albuterol until tomorrow when I can get to the doctor. I spent a better part of last night digging in every medicine cabinet in the house trying to find something I could take to keep me out of the ER until Monday. Thank GAWWD Ted found an inhaler from when I had pneumonia a couple of years ago. Way to go Honey!! Love ya for that!!

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