Monday, July 26, 2010

Fish Anyone??

The kids spent all morning on Sunday fishing on our little lake. They started showing up at 7:45am and continued until we had eight people.

I did manage to put a bra on before they converged on us but that's about it. Hadn't even brushed my teeth before I was cooking up Huevos Rancheros for breakfast and serving it to whomever was hungry.

You know you have some good friends when you can whip up breakfast in your pajamas and not worry about the way you look. The boys had a ball. Caught a bunch of Big Mouthed Bass. I was so excited for them until they all informed me that they were keeping them and we would be eating them later.

"Um, I'm NOT cleaning those." 

"it's OK mom because Mr. Steve is gonna bring his electric fillet knife and clean them in the kitchen sink."

Oh Yay.

"Umm if your gonna clean those does that mean I have to cook them?"

"yes, that's what that means"

So I cooked up six tiny 2" filet's last night and had the kids deliver the pieces to the other fishermen.
They loved it and I survived my first backyard experience of livin off the land.

Just so you get an idea of the weather down here in the deep South... When I went outside to take pictures of the boys and their "catch", my camera immediately fogged up from the humidity. That's exactly the same reaction I have when I walk outside. I steam up.

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1gkitty said...

This is THE life!!!! How great for all of you! Oh, i can show you how to clean a fish. Granddad taught me when I was about Alex's age. It's a snap! Love you writing!