Tuesday, April 5, 2011

61st Baby!!!

The Big South tournament was great. 
Our team played really well on most games and not so great on the rest.
But they had each other's backs the whole time and took the good with the bad.

A little love fest before each game

Our girl played really well even with a back injury.

She did a few head over heel roll overs while diving for a ball and must have pulled something. She played
the rest of the weekend in total pain.

A little fun before their last match of the weekend. Our girl is in the back on the right.

This is Ari's  "other" boyfriend. She loves him so much. She always asks him the same question...
" Calvin can you come over to my house and take your braids out so I can play with your hair"
He also happens to be the coaches son. 

We took a respectable 61st place in the overall tournament in our age division. Now 61st doesn't sound very good but our team played "up" in a higher division and there were over 100 teams in her division so they were happy. 

We probably would have done better if we hadn't done so poorly on the first day but it was their first "Big South" and it can very overwhelming for our babies.

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