Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back from the Beach

We are home now from our very special week at the beach. 

Took a few walks on the beach.

it was cloudy on a couple of mornings, but that didn't stop us.

Even the teenager had fun

we picked up a few along the way and watched as many ( teenagers) made complete ASSES of themselves.

made some Easter treats

Got our nails done

spent some time on this beautiful little island playing in the sun and sand

one of the many pools outside our condo

all the time we spent at the pool, my little punk Alex spent equal amounts of time fishing on the dock right next to the pool.

he spent about eight hours a day fishing and scooping things up with his net. He was the happiest I've ever seen him. Each night he'd come in smelling like a boat fisherman and I didn't even care.

My friend Erin got a condo down the street from us so we went down to spen a nice evening with them. She cooked up some killer crab cakes and we ate on the balcony just above the sand.

and then watched the sunset.

My beautiful boy just before heading back down to the dock to catch shrimp after dinner.

Couldn't be more grateful for a wonderful Spring Break.

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1gkitty said...

His great-granddad would be so proud!! As is his GKitty! love you all!