Monday, April 18, 2011

Our Little secret

First things first.

Congratulations to Ari and her amazing teammates for the HUGE win of


2011 CHAMPS!!!

YAY YAY applause applause

I couldn't be more proud of her and all the girls. They had an amazing season and ended it with a regional win and an official spot in the Junior National tournament in June.

I think my sister Stacy was right. Alabama is our little secret down here in the DEEP South. The beaches are spectacular, the people are super funny, and the cost of living is very low. Or at least much lower than Ca.
We live up in the beautiful wooded area but the white sandy beaches are so close.
SHHH... don't tell anyone. I like the small town living and I like that people think we are wierd for loving it down here so much . Stay away people... this is our little secret corner of the world.

The place we're staying at has many pools, including a lazy river.

The kids loved it but the water is still really cold. 

Our friend that we are with also has a boat so after we did a bit of swimming she came and picked us up.

Ari managed to persuade Claire to come over for the day and hang with us.

The little punks are in rare form this week.

That's Alicia. She owns the boat and is who we are with this week. Yea she hot but we can't hate her cause she's so sweet.

And me? I'm just happy if my kids are happy. I had to paint my toes my favorite color in honor of Spring break. I love em.

P.S. My son ( the little punk) is literally eating us out of house and home this week. He's better grow about six inches this Summer in order for me NOT to lose my mind. He is driving me crazy with his CONSTANT starvation!!


1gkitty said...

I love it so much that you have found your perfect place! It has all you've ever wanted, (except your sisters and me,) but it makes my heart sing to know that you and the kids and Ted are in such beauty with such wonderful friends. Give Ari a big hug for me. I'm so proud of her!!

Anonymous said...

SO proud Ari and her team.... SHH... dont tell the secret.. have a great week..xo S