Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Red Snapper BABY!!!!

Red snapper season just opened up a few days ago. Our good friends were gracious enough to invite Ted and I to go out fishing on Sat to catch our daily quota.
We raced motored out about 20 miles into the middle of the Gulf Of Mexico because Steve got some   spam  secret email telling him of the exact spot of where all the Really BIG snapper were hiding.
The ride out was very fast and wet. You could tell Steve was excited... he couldn't get out there fast enough. I was fighting off a sinus infection and a sore back and as luck would have it... started my period that very morning. But my attitude was positive. Steve hooked us all up with our rods and Erin was the first one to catch a snapper.

Erin is an amazing fisher woman. She caught many fish that day. Some had to be thrown back because they weren't big enough but she caught several.

Ted? Well he caught the biggest fish that day. Well actually I caught the biggest fish that day but I'll talk about that in a minute. Teds fish was HUGE!! it only weighed in at 8 lbs but it was enormous and it gave him quite a fight. It was awesome. I was probably 24" long.

And then there was Steve. He was the most excited! He had so many fish on his line that he lost I stopped counting. He did manage to reel a few in but the angst he was feeling every time he lost a BIG one was just a tiny bit funny. He just kept saying " just let this one be 8 1/2 lbs" Just reel  in one a little  bit bigger than Ted's. He is so funny. He was a good sport and is an amazing fisherman.

And then there's me. When we finally got out to the "secret" fishing spot. There were a dozen other boats within eye shot of where we were.
I immediately began to feel a tiny bit sea sick but Steve and Ted got me all set up and within a minute or two I had something on my hook but it wasn't a snapper. It was so big that I had to put on a belt just to keep my pole in my hands. The line began to spin off the reel faster than I could even try too reel it in. I told Steve that I thought it was a shark or something because I couldn't even get the reel to wind back in. It just kept spinning out to sea. FAST.

 My rod bent practically in half. Spinning out.

Then SNAP. My rod snapped in half. Poof! And my fish was gone. Or whatever the Hell it was. It scared the S%$@ out of me!!
From there it was down hill all the way. The adrenaline rush from my shark on my line made me even more sea sick than before and before I knew it I was bent over the side of the boat ( not in a good way) and vomiting my brains out. NOT fun. I also peed my pants because my bladder is a hot mess from birthing my big babies. 
Poor Steve just wanted to catch his quota before we headed back for the harbor so I spent the rest of the day hunched over the side of the boat praying for it to be over. 
This isn't me. BUT if I had allowed Ted to snap my picture, this is what you would have seen. Except NOT in a bikini, and with wet pants from my "other" accident.

Remember Dr Jeff the GYNO?? YEP that one from last week at the beach. I'm gonna have him fix my bladder so I don't wet my pants anymore when I vomit. 

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