Monday, June 13, 2011

A Few Things & Happenings

Awoke the other morning to this

Sent a picture of it to my next door neighbor assuming that the culprits were her boys.
She woke them up and handed them each a trash bag and told them to get outside and pick every piece of TP off of the house and bushes. She even added the " Mr. Ted is not happy" line to give them a bit of motivation to get every last piece. 

They were out there for over an hour. They were really bummed when I informed them that the sprinklers had gone off at 5:00 am so everything was soaking wet.

Tyler said " curse your sprinkler system Miss Stephanie" I smiled and went back inside where it was nice and cool.

I especially liked Connor's polar bear pj's. I told the boys that next time they decide to roll some body's house they should choose a house where they won't implicate themselves by living right next door to their victim.

Christine ( mom of boys) asked Harrison if he was involved in the rolling of my house.
His response...
" Are you kidding mom? I'm in Mr Ted's good graces and I want to keep it that way."

The End

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gkitty said...

Did those sweet boys confess? Personally I do NOT believe it was them! Probably some of Ari's wild friends. (No offense Ari. It was probably total strangers.)

I think you should check for DNA evidence rather that just saying they were guilty. That's just me.