Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gators & Wally World

Shelley, her kids and her one-eyed Chihuahua arrived last Friday night.

we've been having lots of fun.
There has been s'mores, home made meals

Sitting outside and listening to the frogs, crickets and wildlife at night. The frogs are very loud.

On Sunday morning I ran out to the grocery store to buy my five newspapers so I could get all my coupons. 
Each child had his/her own set of comics to read over breakfast.

It's the one time of day that we have quiet in the house.

Had to take them to Alligator Alley so they could get the full "Alabama" experience.

They loved it.

This little gator was trying to give Aidan a major hug.

And THEN we happened upon WalMart. I had to run in to get some tomato stakes for my tomato bushes. Shelley announced that she had never been into a walmart. Poor dear... she's lead a sheltered life.
She found a few things that she couldn't live without.
Like a fish tank with an led light that changes color all night long. She thinks our beta fish was bored with his plain bowl.

We also couldn't live without this lovely plastic pool. The wal mart guy was happy to escort us to our car with our purchases.

Thank GAWD I drive a Suburban. That pool almost had to stay at the store. The kids made a sacrifice of comfort so we could get the thing home.

Alex did a bit of complaining but I ignored him.

 Happy Summer.

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