Saturday, July 30, 2011

She's on Her Way... I think

Last week while I was doing this...

Ari was donning her hospital scrubs and getting ready for her first day of "Summer Scrubs".
This is a fabulous program that is offered to a select group of high school students that have an interest in learning about and being exposed to all aspects of human health. In order to be chosen the student has to have two written recommendations from two teachers ( one of which must be a science teacher), a GPA of 3.5 or higher and the student also must turn in a written essay as to why they would like to be chosen for the program.

Summer Scrubs is totally free so anyone can apply, you just gotta get accepted. Ari applied in mid-winter   
at the prodding of her mother because she was super excited about doing the whole application process and was even more excited about hanging out with all the sick people.
I think she likes the sight of blood and was hoping to get a glimpse of something gory. Or maybe her mother is a freak ambulance chaser wanna-be doctor and thought her daughter might be interested in learning more about human health since she  knows her daughter wants to be a vet. Honestly I knew Ari would love the experience and I really thought this might light a fire in her belly and trigger a calling that she didn't know existed. I'm all about exposing them to as much as possible so they can find their passion and their calling... no matter what it is.

Trust me... If I can beg our vet to let her shadow him for a few days I'll have her there too. I'll make it happen, just give me a little time.

I don't understand why she wont let me take her picture!! she's such a brat.

that's better. She gets her kiss and hug from Ted and off she went. 

Her first and most exciting day was  getting to spend all her time in the NICU at the Women's and Children's Hospital in Mobile.
She absolutely love it. The nurses tried to get them in to see a live birth but no babies were born while she was there.
She really felt at home in the NICU changing diapers, feeding babies, holding and doing whatever they were allowed to do.  
The next day she was at another major hospital in the vascular lab watching lots of testing of arteries and stuff like that.
The next day was the Orthopedic center.

She quickly realized how difficult is was to eat her lunch with a cast on her wrist.
She stood in on a surgery and got to see just how gentle those orthopedic surgeons are when trying to remove a 10" pin from a teenagers arm. The Doc actually climbed up onto the table to get a good YANK on the pin to release it. 

The last day was wound care. I don't need to anything else about wound care except for this...

The nurses who do this everyday should make a crap load of $$.
the end.

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