Monday, August 2, 2010

Operation Beautiful

Good Morning my dear friends and readers. As I was skimming through my daily blogs that I like to read when I came across one that is most certainly worth sharing..

A message we should all be teaching , not only our daughters but our sons as well.

When I was in high school I was 5'10" and VERY skinny. I had a dancers body, a washboard stomach and legs that went on for days. I thought I wasn't pretty enough, I thought I was fat.

It was only after I started having children that I realized what a distorted self image I had. Now as I sit here 30 years later, three kids, and several cross country moves under my belt and a few pounds heavier, (OK more than a few pounds but we're not gonna talk about that now are we?) I realize that my body, no matter what size it is has carried me through some major life struggles, birthed three kids (big ones!) nursed for a total of 27 months and moved 5 times in 6 years. Whew!! And it's only 2010!!
I watch as my teenager is reminded that she is NOT the size of some of her petite tiny little friends and I am constantly reminding her that she does NOT come from petite people and that her ancestors were in part from Eastern Europe (Poland , Slovakia) who worked all day on the farm and killed and cooked all the meals, some were Vikings and some were Oklahoma farmers.  I remind her that her beautiful legs, though not tiny will hold her steady when she makes those kills at the Volleyball net. They will help keep her injury free and solid for as long as she wants if she keeps them strong.

Lets all spend a little time each day to remind our kids that what and how we treat people is more important than how we look. Teach them to be of service and that giving is a whole lot more fun than getting.
Beauty is not skin deep but goes much further into our soul. Some of the most beautiful people I know are not beautiful because of their outer shell but because of the light that they spread to people around them.

spread the message and keep it moving!!
Life is good.

Oh yea one more thing...

You are beautiful just the way you are!!!

Pass it on.


Mary Frassenei said...


Thank you so much for this perspective! So often, we get caught up in everyone else size 6-ness, we forget that we are all beautiful!!

Miss you!

1gkitty said...