Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Day of FUN

Had my first colonoscopy yesterday.
Almost a year from the last MAJOR ulcerative colitis flare up.

Remember this? last Fall I got a nice long stay at the Hotel de Hospitale

My GI doc wanted to wait this long to do it so I would be healed enough that he wouldn't do any damage to my large intestine while having a looksie.

I spent all day Sunday drinking this.

Yep it's a full gallon of lemon flavored ocean water. Lucky for me the pharmacist told me I could add lemonade powder to it to make it more palatable.

So I made an entire gallon of Country Time lemonade flavored ocean water.
It wasn't so bad, I gulped it down large glass by large glass. Ari kept refilling my glass even when I wasn't ready for it. She's super sweet that way.

Ted dropped me off at the surgery center and then went home to take care of the little punks.
My apt was scheduled for 9:00am so I had to arrive at 8:30.

The nurses got me all snuggled up in my gown and bed and covered me with warm blankets.
Next the nurse started my IV in my right elbow. I knew as he was doing it I should speak up and tell him that I HATE having an IV in my elbow because I then cannot bend my arm and it hurts and pulls.

An hour later I squawked and asked him to move it to my hand. Ya know it's bad when I beg them to poke me again! He said that he was driven to my elbow by my big juicy veins and he couldn't help himself. I tell him know I was teasing him with my large beautiful elbow veins but I said "NO" nurse... "NO", you may NOT have those veins. I will give you a hand to find a vein so that I can bend my arm thankyouverymuch.

meanwhile I check the clock of my iPhone ( yes we are allowed to have our phones) and notice that the good doctor is running a bit late. All they can tell me is that he had an emergency and is running late. They will let me know when he is on his way.
FOUR hours later, a lot of face book, twitter, bad TV and a small nap, they finally tell me that the Doc is on his way. I say It's about time. I've been waiting all day for my milk of amnesia and tell them that I deserve and extra large dose for my troubles.

In they wheel me and get me comfy. I give the Doc a little bit of shit for making me wait and then float off into dreamland.

The Doc tells Ted that my large intestine was about 80% involved from last year's flare up. NOT GOOD. He took a few polyp samples and sent them off to the lab. We will know more in a couple of weeks. I know it is only a matter of time. He told me this last year. It's not IF i get colon cancer... it's WHEN. Last years flare up was so bad that in increased my chances of having cancer by 100%. From now on I will have a yearly colonoscopy.

Ted takes me home and steers me into bed. All he has to do is stand me up next to the bed and push me with one finger and down I fall. Like the leaning tower of Piza. TIMBER, i fall into bed without even a grunt and I'm off into my deep sleep.

This morning I feel great. Slept great and have a ton of energy. Don't feel sore or anything.
Until next year...

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Denise said...

You have such a way of messing with my emotions! Your story of the time leading up to the test al the way to you giving the doc "shit" made me laugh...the results socked me in the gut...your out look on life and all its craziness is just what everyone needs! keep it up!