Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Fun

We had some tiny fireworks left over from the 4th of July.

Alex has been bugging us ever since to light them.
Yesterday they little pack of boys that live in and around our house decided to amuse themselves...

With a hand full of bottle rockets and a lighter ...

in the woods.

Now on a normal day this probably wouldn't be that big of a deal down here in the Deep South.

But we are in the middle of a serious shortage of rainfall ( down 20") this year so far.

It was 92' yesterday in the shade and it has been very HOT all Summer.

We Mommas got wind of this activity and had to go yank them out of the woods by their ears and give them a harsh talking to.

I had to chuckle but it really wasn't funny. We told them that they could have caught the woods on fire and worse yet a house or two ( or more).

they all walked away with their cute tails tucked under.

I wonder what they will do to entertain themselves today.


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