Sunday, July 10, 2011

Junior National Volleyball Championships 2011

We made it home!!

Ari experienced her first ( hopefully not her last) trip to Nationals. Cousin Holland also went with her team from Santa Barbara.
Ari and I got there a day early to watch Holland play.

Drove around forever to find the local Smoothie King. The perfect between game pick-me-up

I just love downtown Atlanta. It's so close to the Georgia World Congress Center and the hustle and bustle is so cool.

Every now and again a little on-court meeting is necessary.

That's our girl in a great action shot. She has been playing in the defense position all year and it seems to be a good fit for her.

That's Ari in the middle.

Our girl is #7

That's cousin Holland up in the air. Just warming up.

Another blurry pic of Holland.


That's Holland at the net. Bending her butt.

One of our Mom's is also an ex Pro-VB palyer. She has an adoptive daughter that is growing up on the vb courts. 

Nobody is exempt from a good lesson. It's never too early to learn. 

Ari keeps asking if she can take this baby home but I say NO. No Ari you may NOT take that precious baby home. You are too young, but you can love on her all you want.

After several days of vb, Ari and her teammate Jordan were pretty beaten up. They were covered from head to toe in ice packs. These girls spend a lot of time rolling and diving for that ball.

Feel sorry for them, feel very sorry for them.

We got to go out for a nice dinner one night. The girls all got to sit at their own table. Of course they had their bills sent to our table. Brats.

We found a great place for breakfast in midtown Atlanta. It's called West Egg. Some of the best breakfast food ever!! We went there twice while we were there. Funny but Ari didn't so much want me taking her picture in the mornings. She's so difficult.

My bro-in law Tony sits in the stands when the girls play but when it's Holland and the score is too close for comfort, he must get up and pace. While he's pacing, he will always find someone to chat with. Even if it's the Gold Medal round finals game and his child is playing... he will always find someone to chat with. He's super chatty that way. He kept me and all of our team parents entertained and well informed on all things volleyball.

The gold medal winners.

Holland gets " All Tournament"

Her very proud daddy.

In the meantime, Ari has another day of play before we are finished. Holland and Tony hung around so they could drive back to Alabama with us.

Teammate Jordan curled up and rested with us in a hallway.

Jordan's Momma and I have TONS of fun when we are together. Shes TOTALLY my tribe.
I can't even remember why she was flipping off but I'm sure I deserved it.

Tony and I went for coffee one morning while the girls slept in. We chatted for and our over Starbucks and then went for breakfast and got a text from the girls saying that they were hungry. We told them to walk down and meet us at the local breakfast place.

They were REALLY hungry. Holland ordered eggs Benedict and a large cinnamon roll. Ari had a huge breakfast that included grits.

That child still wont let me take her picture in the morning. I gave birth to her. She should have to do whatever I ask of her.

See?? She's much happier AFTER her grits. That's my baby. So proud of how she played and conducted herself. 
And now for some professional photos of my baby from the tournament.

On behalf of my baby, we would like to thank all of those friends and family near and far that helped us to get to Nationals. We couldn't have done it with out your support and donations.
We love you and are so grateful!!!

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