Monday, August 16, 2010

Firsts and A Haircut

Today was the first day of school for my kids. I can't believe how much they have grown... literally and figuratively!!

Ari started her sophomore year , Alex is in 4th, and Indy started 2nd grade.

Even more exciting... I had the entire day to myself!! Yay for me!! I really enjoyed watching the news

 and then cleaning up the huge mess upstairs in the kids rooms leftover from the weekend.  

Last year my kids were the only ones being picked up by the bus at our stop. Since then... we have eight new neighbor kids that are all roughly the same age as our kids. Super fun!!


So I walked upstairs this morning to straighten up and this is what I found...

Yes... Barbie heads on a dinner plate.

 It seams that Indy and her BFF Anna had a bit of a Hair Salon day and gave all the Barbies a haircut.
Some of them got a "shag" haircut

One got a Mohawk and what seems to be a bang trim gone bad.

And my personal fav... an updated "Bob" with multi layered tiers... sort of like a three tiered wedding cake.


1gkitty said...

Okay the Barbie heads on the dinner plates were THE BEST!! Maybe she has yet another career possibility as either a stylist or a transplant surgeon! That's my girl!

1gkitty said...

The kids are all so grown up! Why are the girls wearing sweaters if it's 90?

Anonymous said...

Lovr It!!! I think the multi layor bob is my next cut...when does Indi come visit???