Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take a Picture It Lasts Longer!!

Been suffering for the last three weeks with a horribly wicked case of Ulcerative colitis. I've lived with it for 15 years and every year or two I have a flare up. Usually when we move or something like that that has me under a large amount of stress.

I thought I had skated through this last move sans flare up until I got sick at the beginning of the Summer and had to go through not one but TWO rounds of antibiotics. Well any chance I had of avoiding a flare up went out the window at the point. 
The flare up began and has progressively gotten worse, to the point that I have been somewhat house bound. I finally got in to see a GI doctor yesterday and he told me what I already knew. This is a bad one, one that has spread up into my large intestine and is going to require a truck load of steroids just to get under control. Damn!! I hate steroids!! Last time I had to use them I blew up like a balloon and my face resembled that of a blow fish... not pretty.
So I have decided to take full advantage of the 10 pound weight loss that has come along with shitting my brains out a dozen or more times a day and take a few pictures of my thinner self. Now we can all remember how cute I am now for in the near future we will be loving a girl that will resemble a blow fish. No offense to blow fish... they are adorable.


Anonymous said...

looking good aunt steph! hope you feel better! love you!

Denise said...

Its not the outside that counts! Thats what I keep telling myself.... Get well so that you can add to the blog daily! All of the day to day stuff sounds so much more fun when it comes from your brain!

christinealexandra said...

Aunt Steph,

I've always thought of you as being so incredibly beautiful! I always think of you when I see bright red lipstick (maybe because you let me wear yours when I was little?). Thanks for inspiring me to journal through my own blog. I think it's a great way to stay connected to family when we don't live in the same state. Hope you get well soon.

1gkitty said...

Nice eyelashes! Of course I think you are ALWAYS beautiful! Love,