Saturday, August 21, 2010

Survived the Week

Well, we survived the first week of school, mostly unscathed. Only a few minor bumps and bruises along the way. 

The first day, Indy comes home from her new little friends house ( new neighbor) holding a plate  with a large piece of a cookie cake.
I asked about it and she says that Kearsten's Mom got her kids a cookie cake for surviving the first day of school.

Oh shit.

Of course the next thing out of my little punks mouth is " how come you didn't get us a cookie cake Mom?"

I cringe and come up with the most brilliant answer that I can think of on the fly...

"Because I was waiting till the end of the week so we could celebrate you guys surviving your first week of school." ( I rock!!)

She seemed to be perfectly fine with that answer and I got away with not looking too bad in my little punks eyes.

I immediately go over to my cell phone and text my new " friend" and tell her that if she ever pulls one of those " super Mom" stunts again without telling the rest of us losers then there's gonna be some serious trouble.

Yea she's been riddled with guilt all week. ha!

So yesterday I went out and bought the cookie cake.

What did they learn this week? Alex learned to keep his mouth shut when his teacher says NO talking, even when his class mate asks him a question. 

Ari learned what it felt like to have to wait outside in the 90 degree heat on the pavement before school and how it felt to get overheated and nauseated even before the first bell rang.

The Vice principle got to know me. Yea it was OK. I just had to make sure that they know NOT to mess with the Mama Bear's cubs so early in the school year.
Even had the support of last years teacher behind me as I muddled through the waters of the Vice Principals office.

All is all it was a good week and Most of all I LOVED having some quiet in the house even though we had a wonderful Summer.

P.S. If you get a Cookie cake for your kids please give your neighbor friends a heads up so they won't look like losers!!

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Denise said...

Nice cover! I like the "first week" cookie cake waay better then the predictable "first day"!
Enjoy your quiet moments now that they are back in school...that is until the PTA, girl scouts, volleyball, soccer, dance class....all begin! Stay at home moms are NEVER home!!!!