Monday, August 2, 2010


This is gonna be a day late because of operation beautiful but I have to narc on myself..

I did NOT just finish cleaning my sons room that was so loaded with dust that i was sneezing the entire time. It has NOT been seven months since I took every little teeny tiny "treasure" off of his book shelves, desk and night stand and actually wiped down all the filthy surfaces in his room. 
I am certainly Not that bad of a house keeper and I certainly clean the rest of the house much more often than that! I swear I totally do!! It's just that I run away screaming every time I even think about having to go in there and move all of that Crap off of the shelves.

I did NOT Purge a bunch of stuff when he wasn't looking just to do a bit of de-cluttering. I  would never do that.

I most certainly do NOT have any plans to do even more purging after school starts. I have the utmost respect for my kids and their CRAP treasures and would never get rid of their stuff without asking.

NO not me.

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