Tuesday, January 4, 2011

We're Back!!

Happy New Year!!

Just got home from out trip to Santa Barbara, California.
Here are a few pictures and highlights from our trip...
Made some ceramic masks at an art studio on the beach where my big sis Stacy volunteers. 

 The kids in California don't go sledding in the snow... they instead put their wetsuits on and sled down the grassy hills on their boogie boards.

 Took many walks along the beach

 That's my nephew Morgan. Alex is three months older than Morgan but Morgan  comes from taller stock.

Alex leaps for joy!!

Ari and Holland took 1 million pictures of themselves.

Love rock

My two sisters and I have birthed all of these punks!!

Holland took full advantage of her rubber boots.

Hit the ground running straight to the nearest Mexican restaurant. Had some of the best food around. Yummy.

I wonder at what age the punks stop taking pictures of themselves.

had some fun car rides.

20 year old Brittany held Ari down by her hair. She must have been misbehaving and had to be smacked down to the bottom of the totem pole.

My Mom and sisters on Christmas eve at the Santa Barbara Mission

My very generous parents

Uncle Ted is everbody's "it" guy for all things technology related.

Sister Shelley... not the" Nun" kind of sister

a bunch of camera shy wackos!!

Shelley's "one eyed" chihuaua loves me.

Indy says her Christmas Eve goodbye to her Christmas Elf

Our family is full of "Gingers"

some action shots

They totally love each other

Ari takes control over Brittany.

Christmas Morning

Stacy and Tony try on his new "readers" he  can finally see all the sports stats clearly.

Kieran got more Calico Critters for Xmas

London the one eyed Chihuahua loves me.

The kids got Wii Just Dance and they had dance competitions over and over

This is the $$ shot!!

More walks and leaps on the beach.

I feel like I am home when I am on the beach. It's in my blood and my soul

I think that's how my kids feel too.

Celebrated New Years day by watching the sunrise at the beach.

It was glorious.

We started out the New Year by writing down all of the things we wanted for ourselves for 2011 and all of the things we wanted to let go of. We wrote these intentions on a piece if paper and then put them into a bowl

and burned them. 

and then releasing them as ashes back to the ocean and the surf.

It was a perfect trip.
Wishing you all a year full of good intentions and hoping that we can all stay true and honor our Authentic selves.


gkitty said...

Beautiful! One and all!

Mere said...

you are so inspiring to me love you more than my brand new camera.....

Snflwrprincess said...

I really don't think you or Ted have aged one bit since you lived on good ol' Cornet Circle! Everyone is beautiful, and I still can't believe how quickly they are all growing! And yes I realize you probably think the same thing about me!