Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A little Adventure in Our Own Backyard

Took a little walk through Blakeley State Park the other day.
My neighbor Christine met a new friend whom she is now sharing with the rest of us. "Bev" is a daily runner through this beautiful park and was delighted to show us some of her favorite trails.

We adults were and usually are totally outnumbered by our little punks.

The history of this tree is significant but of course I don't know it. I only know that some civil war soldiers used this root  hole as a hiding spot. 
This park is one of the last battle grounds of the civil war.

The testosterone that flows around my neighborhood is MAJOR!!!

My baby can hang with the boys... no problem

I absolutely love the Spanish moss that grows on all the trees around here.

My little punk is such a nature lover. I hope that never changes.

The boys brought a football and played some major catch with Ted. They had a blast!!

a small sampling of the little punks that live next door and around our house.
I love them.

A small sampling of my "tribe"

I can't believe this beautiful  historical park is litterally right in our backyard.
Thanks Bev for sowing us around. You ROCK!!

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