Friday, January 14, 2011

Write something about me!!!!

My very close friend that lives a few houses down from me loves my blog.
The family and I were over at their house for dinner the other night and she was telling her husband about my blog. He asked how often I usually post?

I said that I only post when I have something funny to write about.

He asked If I had ever written about him...

I said no.

My friend asked if I would write about her someday...

I took one look at her legs and replied...

" I'm looking at your Spanx that are peaking out from underneath your yoga pants and I'm gonna have to write about THAT."

( side note, she wore them to church and was too lazy to take them off when she got home. So yoga pants and Spanx it is!!)

p.s. she looked 20 pounds lighter for sure!!

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