Friday, January 14, 2011

Anna's Room Reveal

Just finished another bedroom.
This is the daughter of my good friend  Erin and also Indy's BFF.
I don't have any before pictures with the old furniture. The bed was the same but they had turquoise blue painted furniture, and some simple bedding.



The circles on the wall are Anna's Grandmother's old embroidery hoop that I filled with the fabrics and hung on the wall.

I bought the letters at Hobby Lobby and then hand painted them to match the various fabrics in the room.

The Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling are from Pier One.

Custom pillows for the bed with an old mattlasse from Erin's Mom.

The walls are a very muted lavender color.

The pillows were done by cutting out shapes from the fabrics and the appliqued onto pillow squares. 
I couldn't articulate this idea to my seamstress without stressing myself out so I did all the applique work on my trusty Singer and then gave the pillow squares to my brilliant seamstress to make into the pillows.

And last but NOT least... The inside of her closet gets a little bit of whimsy, and some trusty command hooks!


Mere said...

love it!!! you and mom are decorating my future home!!! love you alot...i guess and miss you tons!! can;t yoou leave your family and come be at school with me :)

Brittany Anne said...

im with mere!! i love it!!! and when are you coming to do my room in greeley?! haha miss you like crazy! and love you!!